Here at Pot Spring Elementary, we know that not every parent is able to come into the school during the school day for more traditional volunteer opportunities. But, we also know that there are many things family members can do to play an important role in making Pot Spring Elementary a great school. Some tasks seem big and important while others seem small and insignificant, but each is like a drop in a bucket… together it all adds up!

There are many ways to help out. Here are just a few examples:

  • volunteering in the classroom
  • sending in baked goods for the Spring Fling
  • making copies for a teacher
  • sending emails to coordinate a class party
  • going on a field trip
  • completing a task at home for a teacher (cutting, pasting, etc.)
  • sending in a book of stamps for Race for Education
  • volunteering for any school or PTA event

We all know that being involved in your child’s school helps everyone have a great year. With so many ways to get involved, both at school and from home, everyone can do something this year… and every volunteer counts, no matter what the task. Be sure to complete the necessary steps for volunteer training required by BCPS and turn in the forms to the school’s front office.

So let’s get started and together we can make it another great year at Pot Spring Elementary!

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